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Team Buiding

Al inicio de nuestras actividades para empresas, planteamos la siguiente pregunta: ¿cuáles son los factores que determinan el éxito del equipo? En cada una de las dinámicas la respondemos desde la práctica. No sólo hablando de trabajo en equipo, sino experimentando la fuerza del colectivo en acción.

En todos nuestros Team Buildings queremos demostrar la importancia de la actitud y la contribución personal. Buscamos que cada uno dé lo mejor de sí mismo al equipo. A pesar de ser muchos, lo que cada uno aporta suma, y determinará el resultado final del colectivo.

Creemos que Team Building significa darnos cuenta de qué somos capaces de hacer junts ante la limitación que muchas veces supone focalizarnos en lo que no somos capaces de hacer cada uno por separado.

Buscamos sacar a los grupos de su zona de confort, de lo conocido, de su cotidianidad. Sólo desde aquí podemos realmente innovar. Desde este sitio inédito, donde no hay lugares comunes, la creatividad se dispara.


Podemos asegurar que el resultado obtenido trabajando en equipo, no tiene nada que ver con el que podríamos obtener cada uno de forma individual.

Why choose a conversational AI chatbot when the technology is still young?

Although conversational AI is not yet matured, that doesn’t mean it isn’t commercially useful. We have created chatbots for that have been used for a wide range of purposes such as recruitment, staff training, marketing and HR management. The AI chatbots we have developed for lead generation, have been shown to outperform traditional websites by up to 10 times. Our conversational AI chatbots are not just virtual assistants that are only capable of answering simple FAQs, they provide real business value by allowing your employees to focus on high-value work and not wasting effort on time consuming and routine tasks.

What is so special about your NLP?

We are in the business of applied AI, so we do not conduct primary research on NLP. However, we recognize languages have many subtle local nuances that are often not captured by general-purpose NLP engines. That’s why we have an in-house team of AI researchers and developers dedicated to applying state-of-the-art machine-learning methods to develop and improve upon our core NLP, that is fine-tuned to better understand colloquial slangs, financial jargons, and even Internet shorthand. To ensure the quality of our NLP engines, we will only build a new one when we have a native speaker in the team.

Do you only provide chatbots for the financial sector?

We specialize in developing custom-built AI solutions for financial institutions, including banks, insurance providers and asset management companies. We make sure each chatbot we create is to the highest standard, and we do this by servicing clients in our area of expertise. But that does not mean we will not consider other projects. If you are looking for a chatbot outside the financial sector for an interesting and meaningful project that we think we can contribute to then we will certainly consider being a part of it.

Is it true that NLP degrades over time?

Yes, the percentage accuracy of every Natural Language Processing (NLP) model drops over time as new content is being added. We call this degradation process “NLP decay”. Because of this we recommend fine-tuning the NLP every 6 months.

Will you develop chatbots that understand other languages?

Our proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine is created to be robust and with a higher degree of accuracy compared to other methods. In order to avoid compromising on the quality, we only introduce new languages when we have a native speak for that language in our team. Currently, we support English, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, and soon, Thai.

Why can’t your chatbot answer my basic question?

At its core, a chatbot is a question matching platform, mapping a user’s input with a pre-defined set of questions. Like an employee, a chatbot also needs to be given relevant content before they can respond to your enquiries. This is why the chatbots we built are custom-designed to meet the unique requirements of your business, not to be the next Google. While they won’t be able to answer every possible question which a user might ask, they will be able to answer the ones that are relevant to their purpose.

How long does it take for you to create my chatbot?

The shortest time we have taken to build a commercially-ready, external-facing chatbot for a bank was 4 weeks. That said, development time will vary depending on the complexity of the chatbot, the availability of content, and many other factors. Furthermore, AI is a “living system” so we usually recommend that new clients to undertake a 3-month pilot program with us to co-create a bot that has the functionalities, features and content that fulfil your unique business needs.

How can I manage my bot after production?

Our multi-functional Admin Portal gives you access to information such as usage metrics and user conversation histories and allows you to create, manage and remove data from your bot. The simple design of the Questions, Flows, and Entities page makes training your bot effortless. Our unique approvals page ensures that each modification is seen by a second pair of eyes to make sure any unintended errors are caught before being introduced to the live bot. The broadcast page makes it easy for you to send updates or specialized content to bot users.

Do you only provide chatbots for Singapore companies?

No, we don’t just provide chatbots for companies in Singapore. We have been creating chatbots for companies all across Southeast Asia, including financial institutions in the Fortune 500 list.

Do you outsource any of the development?

We are a one-stop chatbot-shop. From conceptualising and designing your bot, to development and testing, our team of highly educated data scientists and software engineers handle every step right here in Singapore. We can even help you run your live bot post-production.

Teambuilding & Aventura


Parque Nacional Quebrada del Condorito

Experiencia vivencial para grupos que quieran salir de la zona de confort para relajarse en la naturaleza y conecten fuera del ámbito laboral.


3 días, 2 noches




Villa Carlos Paz

Experiencias vivenciales para empresas que quieran mejorar su rendimiento, la comunicación, la cooperación y la resolución de problemas.


3 días, 2 noches



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